Sierra College Veterans Entrepreneurship Course

At Your Own Pace | October 21 – December 14, 2024


This course is designed for Veterans who wish to further explore entrepreneurial ideas and gain a deeper understanding of running a small business. The program is offered in a virtual (fully-online) 8-week cohort model focused on starting a small business and entrepreneurship. There are no in-person or live class requirements to complete this.

Benefits of Noncredit-Courses

  • No tuition or fees required to take the course.
  • No prerequisite requirements on most noncredit courses
  • Repeatable even if you receive a passing grade.
  • Time to develop the skills and knowledge needed at your own pace.
  • Serves as a gateway into credit certificate and degree programs.

Why is the NorCal Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) involved?

This program is a resource to provide Veterans with education and support for their entrepreneurial endeavors. After completing Boots to Business/Reboot and/or our specialty VBOC workshops, many VBOC clients are looking to gain more education around the concept of small business. This no-cost course provides a great avenue for Veterans to connect with the community college system and learn from mentors, likeminded Veterans pursuing small business, and instructors.

What will the Veterans Entrepreneurship Course cover?

This course develops skills in evaluating, articulating, refining, and pitching a new product or service offering, either as a new business idea or as an additional offering in an existing business. In addition, this course examines the steps and process of starting a new business from the logistics of establishing the business, supply chain planning, initial financing, building a management team, and forecasting.



Veterans Encompasses – Active-Duty Service Members, Guard, Reserve, Veterans, and their family members (Military Spouses and Military Connected family members)

No, this course has no effect on your benefits or GI-Bill.

This course and all textbook/materials are offered at no cost to students.

No. This course is fully online and in weekly modules.

Have more questions?

Contact the outreach department at Sierra College by emailing

Veterans are natural entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Disciplined, goal-oriented self-starters — veterans are accustomed to accountability and know the value of being decisive and flexible.

If you you wish to explore entrepreneurial ideas and gain a deeper understanding of running a small business, register for the Veterans Entrepreneurship Course offered by Sierra College.